Enrolment Information Tours

Information Tours begin in May 2022 for 2023 Preschool and Prekinder Enrolments.

Please contact the Preschool on 54438454 to book your tour.


Enrolments for Dr Harry Little Preschool are managed by the

Loddon Mallee Preschool Association

Loddon Mallee Preschool Association (LMPA) operates a kindergarten Central Enrolment System for Bendigo. LMPA acts as a custodian of the system which is established to meet the needs of the community and to comply with Government guidelines.

Enrolments are opened from April to June through LMPA enrolment system
for the preceding year.

Families can contact LMPA for enrolment information

Loddon Mallee Preschool Association (LMPA)

When do you find out if you have got into the preschool?

LMPA will notify families sometime in August via email.

How do you choose a group?

LMPA will then notify our preschool to let us know who has accepted a position at our preschool.  We will then contact families in September via email.  Families will then be given further information about how to choose a group.

Please see our Virtual Tour for Preschool (4 year old) and Pre-Kinder (3 year old) programs

Room 1 – Green and Blue Groups – Preschool 4-5 year old program

Room 2 – Red and Yellow – Preschool 4-5 year old program

Pre – Kinder Program – Orange and Purple Group – 3 year old

Priority Placement Registration Form 

Priority Placement Form for 2023 enrolments are available at the Preschool.

To obtain a paper copy of the Priority Placement Form contact Dr Harry Little Preschool

We do offer priority placements for those families with older siblings that attended the service, or if you’re intending to transition from 3-year old to 4-year old kinder.
There is no cost for registering a priority place.

Please note: you also need to complete the LMPA application form to have your child registered at Dr Harry Little Preschool.